Small Companies Dominate Industrial Landscape

The Oklahoma Manufacturing Alliance primary works with small and medium-sized companies. While large firms often capture the headlines, smaller manufacturers drive U.S. Industry. Smaller companies are nimbler in managing their business and often provide better opportunities for internal advancement for their workforce.

The industrial landscape is made up of mostly small and medium-sized firms. This is one consistent sign of innovation, dynamism, and change that characterizes the American economy. A large number of small establishments mean that entrepreneurship is alive and well. Small companies naturally grow in heft over time, swelling the ranks of medium-sized entities.

The largest cohort, with a count of over 100,000, is made up of the smallest firms, that is, those employing up to four workers. Industrial companies employing between 20 and 99 people are the second largest one. By far, the smallest cohort is made up of the largest companies, e.g., those employing more than 500 people.

Chart via National Association of Manufacturers