Noted Expert on Lean Manufacturing to Deliver Keynote Address

Schonberger-WebRichard Schonberger will provide the keynote address at this year’s Oklahoma Conference on Manufacturing. His lunchtime talk will focus on, “How NOT to Fail at Lean: Dealing with Enterprise-Wide Pitfalls That Derail Most Lean Journeys.”

Dr. Schonberger is an internationally-renowned expert and author on manufacturing principles. He is the originator of the term and concepts of “World-Class Manufacturing” via his 1986 book by that title. The work is still widely read around the world and available in seven languages. His continuing research and study of best practices makes him a unique and powerful resource that will benefit Oklahoma companies looking to compete in the years ahead.

He is president of Schonberger & Associates, providing lectures, seminars, and advisory services to industrial and business organizations worldwide with more than 300 clients since 1981.

Dr. Schonberger’s latest deeply and broadly researched book is Best Practices in Lean Six Sigma Process Improvement: A Deeper Look…with Telling Evidence from the Leanness Studies (Wiley, 2007). He is author of six other trade books including Japanese Manufacturing Techniques (1982 in 9 languages). More than 170 articles have appeared in a wide range of practitioner and academic periodicals, including the Harvard Business Review, Wall Street Journal, Quality Progress and Manufacturing Engineering.

He is consulting editor for Benchmarking and is on the editorial boards of Cost Management, Journal of Operations Management, Journal of Quality Management, International Journal of Strategic Cost Management, and Target.

Currently, he is director of the “Global Leanness Studies” and the “World Class by Principles” international benchmarking.

Dr. Schonberger was a practicing industrial engineer for 8 years. He followed that with 14 years as professor (information systems and operations management) at the University of Nebraska, during which he was designated George Cook Distinguished (chaired) professor; and later, affiliate professor, Management Science, University of Washington.

He is a 1995 inductee into the Academy of the Shingo Prize for Excellence in Manufacturing. Other honors include the 1996 Puget Sound Engineer of the Year and the British Institution of Production Engineers’ 1990 International Award in Manufacturing Management.