Leveraging the Investment of a Lifetime

Don’t let years of work go to waste. Join us for this keynote session at the 2010 Oklahoma Conference on Manufacturing.

Leveraging the Investment of a Lifetime: 7 Steps business owners can take to provide a positive return for a lifetime of effort!  

  • Ever wondered what you are going to do with the business you built?
  • Are you curious about the value of your business and whether you’ll ever realize a return on your investment?
  • Are you depending on your business to fund your retirement?
  • Are you wondering if you have the right successor, or any successor in place to take over the business you worked so hard to create?
  • Do you worry about how you might be able to leave your business someday while protecting the jobs that your company provides?

Join Lisë Stewart, a popular speaker, author and nationally recognized expert on small business as she shares seven important tips for ensuring that the business you built can become a source of financial security, a vehicle for leaving your legacy and an opportunity for continuing to create jobs for the people you care about in your local community. Using humor, case studies and common sense, Lisë will provide a wealth of tips and ideas that you can practically implement in your own business, as well as provide information on where to find the resources you may need to reach your goals.

The Oklahoma Conference on Manufacturing is scheduled for Sept. 21 at the Embassy Suites Conference Center in Norman. More information on this year’s conference is available here: http://bit.ly/OkMfgConf