Oklahoma Manufacturing Alliance Appoints New President

Chuck Prucha has been named president and CEO of the Oklahoma Manufacturing Alliance. He succeeds Roy Peters who is retiring after leading the organization for the past 12 years. Prucha will direct the statewide economic development effort that helps companies become progressively more successful and profitable.

“I look forward to building on the significant impacts we’ve seen over the past decade,” Prucha said. “The Oklahoma Manufacturing Alliance plays a vital role in supporting what is still the largest industry sector in our state.”

Prucha brings a wealth of manufacturing knowledge to the position. He has been a manufacturing extension agent in southeastern Oklahoma since 2004. Before that he was president and CEO, North American Operations for DISA, where he led a $100 million division of the multinational corporation.

“The importance of a healthy manufacturing sector can’t be underestimated,” Prucha said. “Facing uncertain times, 4,000 manufacturers in communities across the state continue to be the foundation that supports Oklahoma’s growth. There remains a vast potential for progress. That’s why we provide hands-on resources for improving productivity, increasing sales, and reducing costs.”

Last year the Oklahoma Manufacturing Alliance worked with more than 450 companies on projects that led to $122 million in increased sales. Services focused on improving the bottom line through concepts like Lean Manufacturing, while growing the entire company through new-market development and strategic planning.

“Our statewide network of manufacturing extension agents is made possible through partnerships with CareerTech centers, higher education institutions, economic development groups, and other state organizations,” Prucha said. “That alliance is at the heart of our organization and is the way we reach all corners of the state.” The Oklahoma Manufacturing Alliance also works closely with the Oklahoma Center for the Advancement of Science and Technology, and the Oklahoma Department of Commerce.

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