Next Generation Manufacturing Study

Please take 20-25 minutes to complete the NGM survey, and you will receive a comprehensive Next Generation Manufacturing Performance Report showing how your organization compares to other manufacturers in key strategic areas described below.

To access the online survey, go to:

To download a hard copy of the survey to return by mail, click here.

Manufacturing must continue to transform in order to remain competitive. Leadership, strategies, and support systems must change as well to help organizations become world-class manufacturers. The 2011 Next Generation Manufacturing Study provides a framework for understanding Next Generation Manufacturing (NGM) by identifying competitive performances and corporate best practices for achieving world-class status in the 21st century.

Manufacturers can participate in the Next Generation Manufacturing Study and measure their readiness, support systems and resources, and performances in six key strategic areas necessary for world-class manufacturing and future success

Structured the same way as the first Next Generation Manufacturing Study in 2009, the new survey will update the results gained from that study, which included the input of more than 100 Oklahoma manufacturing executives.

The survey gathers data in the following categories:

  • Customer-Focused InnovationDevelop, make, and market new products and services that meet customers’ needs at a pace faster than the competition.
  • Systemic Continuous ImprovementAnnual productivity and quality gains that exceed the competition leveraging a companywide commitment to continuous improvement.
  • Advanced Talent ManagementSecure a competitive performance advantage by having superior systems in place to recruit, hire, develop, and retain talent.
  • Extended Enterprise ManagementDevelop and manage supply chains and partnerships that provide flexibility, response time, and delivery performance that exceeds the competition.
  • Sustainable Products & ProcessesDesign and implement waste and energy-use reductions at a level that provides superior cost performance and recognizable customer value.
  • Global Engagement Secure business advantages by having people, partnerships, and systems in place capable of engaging global markets and talents better than the competition.

Participation is free.

Respondents can participate two ways…Confidentially or anonymously.

  • Confidential participation: To receive a free customized NGM Performance Report that compares your responses to all Study respondents and Study respondents similar to your organization (e.g., annual revenues, number of employees), please complete the online questionnaire and include contact information at the bottom of the questionnaire. Your responses will remain confidential — only MPI, which distributes the NGM Performance Report, will be able to identify your specific responses. Data will be disseminated only in aggregate form; no company-specific responses will be released.
  • Anonymous participation: Please complete the questionnaire and then provide contact information at a separate website that will be presented to you after you submit your questionnaire. The Data Report includes statistics on all Study questions. Your NGM Study
    responses will remain anonymous — no one will be able to identify your company with specific responses.

To access the online survey, go to:

To download a hard copy of the survey to return by mail, click here.

The national sponsor of the Study is the American Small Manufacturers Coalition (ASMC), an organization composed of all of the Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP) Centers in America. MPI Group, an internationally recognized research firm that specializes in manufacturing issues, is conducting the Study and compiling the Reports.