The Power of Lean Implementation

The Oklahoma Manufacturing Alliance has developed the most comprehensive program for process improvement, helping transform companies through Lean Manufacturing. Many years of real-world results demonstrate the advantages of a Lean Manufacturing program led by the Manufacturing Alliance. The tools and services are not only proven, they’re flexible, taking a company from introductory courses to a progression of on-site process improvement projects.

But the real potential of Lean Manufacturing isn’t tapped in a classroom. The real power — with increased efficiencies and higher profits — springs from implementation projects. With data taken from more than 500 Oklahoma companies, the chart below dramatically illustrates that point.
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Kaizen Events are on-site implementation projects and are essentially the building blocks of all Lean production methods. A Kaizen implementation project involves workers from multiple functions and levels in the organization working together to address a problem or improve a specific process. The team uses analytical techniques, such as Value Stream Mapping, to quickly identify opportunities to eliminate waste in a targeted process. The team works rapidly to implement chosen improvements—often within 72 hours of initiating the Kaizen event.