Adam Hartung: Keynote Address

Adam Hartung has directed innovation and new product development for major corporations like Pepsi and DuPont. He’ll share his secrets for success during a dynamic presentation at this year’s Oklahoma Conference on Manufacturing.

Breakthrough Manufacturing:
Innovative Growth Through Disruptive Change

Manufacturers have traveled a hard road the past 20 years—and many indications point to continued tough times. But what if you could choose a different path? Adam Hartung’s approach to business growth has proven time and time again that you can grow if you are willing to do four things:

  • Plan for the future, not from the past
  • Obsess about competitors
  • Learn to be disruptive
  • Grow “White Space” projects

Hartung’s presentation at the Oklahoma Conference on Manufacturing will illustrate through case studies and real-life experiences why manufacturing companies fail or succeed. It’s not about cutting costs and sticking to your core. It’s about learning how to build an organization that does not measure success on what was done in the past.

When it’s clear your business involves declining revenues and increased competition, you need a new strategy; one that puts you in a market where you are the game changer. This isn’t accomplished just by thinking of something new and innovative. Most organizations have plenty of ideas, but almost all become paralyzed in actually implementing them because of the “Lock-in, Status Quo Police” and the fear of change. Hartung will point out the mistakes well-known and established companies made when it was clear they had the opportunities to turn their ships around…Why they refused to move away from their core or introduce a disruption that would have easily doubled their revenues.

Audience participants will walk away with new ideas and a fresh approach to how they can begin to uncover growth projects that are realistic, exciting, and possibly a game-changer for their industry.

Chuck Prucha, president of the Oklahoma Manufacturing Alliance says:
“I have found Adam’s message to be spot on. It is focused on a methodology for innovation and growth. His ‘Four Steps’ are very important for people to understand and his excellent tone establishes a strong framework for all business leaders.”

The Oklahoma Conference on Manufacturing is set for Oct. 5 at the Reed Conference Center in Midwest City. It’s the state’s most important gathering of manufacturing professionals, giving everyone a chance to learn from one another and set the agenda for economic growth and development. The one-day event features nationally-recognized speakers and a plethora of informative workshops, including sessions on new markets, management plans, employee development, tax incentives, best practices and much more.

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