Manufacturing Contributes Largest Share of Oklahoma’s Gross State Product

More than 130,000 Oklahomans are employed in the manufacturing sector, according to a report recently released by Oklahoma 21st Century, a research foundation affiliate of The State Chamber of Oklahoma.

With nearly 4,500 manufacturers currently located in the state, the report indicates that manufacturing’s annual average economic impact on the statewide economy over the next twenty years will be substantial.  According to the report, for every 100 manufacturing jobs created, an additional 240 jobs are created in the state. The total employment impact of the manufacturing sector is estimated in the report to account for an annual growth of more than 300,000 net new jobs in Oklahoma for the next 20 years.

The Economic Impact of the Oklahoma Manufacturing Sector report, prepared by the Center for Economic & Business Development of Southwestern Oklahoma State University, was sponsored in part with the Oklahoma Professional Economic Development Council.

Manufacturing is not only alive and well in Oklahoma, but it is a thriving industry that will create thousands of new jobs for Oklahomans in the years to come. This report shows how important this industry is to our state, but also indicates the enormous growth potential within this industry.

The report is broken out in six regions of the state:

  • Northwest – 240 manufacturers with 5,811 manufacturing jobs averaging $38,699 per job;
  • Northeast – 562 manufacturers with 18,831 manufacturing jobs averaging $35,123 per job;
  • Southwest – 202 manufacturers with 7,351 manufacturing jobs averaging $37,690 per job;
  • Southeast – 496 manufacturers with 18,473 manufacturing jobs averaging $33,885 per job;
  • Oklahoma City MSA – 1,333 manufacturers with 32,750 manufacturing jobs averaging $50,237 per job; and,
  • Tulsa MSA – 1,587 manufacturers with 46,785 manufacturing jobs averaging $48,875 per job.

The overall economic impact of manufacturing shows a $41.826 billion annual impact on Oklahoma’s Gross State Product.

“This report reaffirms that manufacturing not only remains an important sector of Oklahoma’s economy, but it also proves that manufacturing is the backbone of industry and employment across our state,” said Chuck Mills, President of Mills Machine Company in Shawnee and Chairman of The State Chamber’s Manufacturers’ Committee.

For the full report, click here.