Mini-Seminars: 2013 Oklahoma Conference on Manufacturing

When you attend the Oklahoma Conference on Manufacturing on Oct. 9,  you’ll walk away with loads of new ideas on how to grow your business and make your operations more efficient and profitable.

In addition to thought-provoking keynote speakers, three mini-seminars will offer valuable information on a variety of issues.

The mini-seminars include:

• Innovation in Manufacturing: Real-World Examples and Round Table Discussion

American workers, managers and business owners need to transform from a culture that fears failure to a proactive culture focused on growth through innovation. Joe Genet is Innovation Management System Project Director for the Oklahoma Manufacturing Alliance. He will moderate this roundtable discussion offering real-world examples from manufacturers that are using continuous innovation to prosper and grow.


• Motivating Without Money: (No Cost) Steps for Dramatically Improving Employee Engagement and Retention!

According to the National Association of Manufacturers, attracting, engaging and retaining skilled and semi-skilled workers is a leading concern of American manufacturing professionals.

In this highly-interactive educational session, Kristine Sexter, President and Senior Consultant with WorkWise Productions, will zealously illustrate how manufacturing leaders, managers, and supervisors can measurably increase employee engagement, performance, and retention—all without tapping the company’s budget!

All attendees will receive a customized workbook that includes checklists, step-by-step instructions and specific directions for immediately implementing the strategies revealed in this session!

o  Learn How Money Can Actually Demotivate!

o  Why a Great Salary Package, 401K and Bountiful Benefits Are Not Always the Answer

o  “So What DO Manufacturing Employees Want?” Effective Motivators for Modern Workplaces

o  The 10 Real-World, No-Cost, Steps All Manufacturing Managers Can Implement Today to Increase Productivity

Kristine Sexter is the President of WorkWise Productions, a consulting firm established in 1998, serving modern manufacturers who want their executives and leadership teams to know how to find, train and keep great employees. She is the author of six books, including, “Rolling Out the Recognition: Employee Retention Strategies for Manufacturers.”


• Toyota Kata: An Introduction and Overview

For nearly 15 years, the Oklahoma Manufacturing Alliance has promoted Lean to assist our state’s manufacturers. Early on, it was much about the tools and, over time, the realization came that this point solution approach alone was not enough. To sustain “continuous improvement” gains, and have real cultural change, the people side of the equation needs to be included in equal measure and requires an enterprise transformation focused on leadership, culture and tools. In this regard, the Toyota Kata components of improvement and coaching are a means for helping assure overall success by providing employees and executives with the means to develop the habits necessary to move progressively forward.

This session, led by experts from Industrial Solutions, will provide an introduction and overview of Kata concepts. It will help participants understand how Toyota Kata is being utilized to affect successful and sustained continuous improvement and transform cultures, including many Oklahoma manufacturers.

Since 1997, Industrial Solutions has trained more than 17,000 people at 600 unique companies. It has engaged in comprehensive Lean implementation programs with more than 100 companies representing industries from aerospace to healthcare, manufacturing and state government.