Next Generation Manufacturing Study to Close August 29th

The Oklahoma Manufacturing Alliance is supporting the Next Generation Manufacturing (NGM) Study ( by encouraging all small and medium sized manufacturers to complete the free, quick and confidential online survey before the study closes on August 29. The 2013 NGM Study marks the third time the survey has been conducted and provides manufacturers and stakeholders with valuable information on the status of manufacturing in America, as well as metrics for improvement.

For manufacturers in Oklahoma, this is a prime opportunity to gain advice on how to prepare for success in the next generation. Respondents receive a Performance Report, or “scorecard” that describes how they rank against world-class benchmarks. Study results also offer strategies that can help them capture competitive advantages, best practices to support execution of those strategies, and performance goals against which to measure their progress. Key areas of assessment include customer-focused innovation, superior processes/improvement focus, human-capital management, supply chain management and collaboration, sustainability, and global engagement.

“The survey closes on August 29, so it’s important that all interested manufacturers act quickly,” said Chuck Prucha, president of the Oklahoma Manufacturing Alliance “The results provide not just the manufacturers with valuable benchmarking information, but also support the roles of manufacturing-focused organizations like us. The data and trends, compared to the 2009 and 2011 results, will be invaluable for development of our future targets and strategies for how we assist manufacturers. Not to mention the survey is free for all respondents—data and assessments that companies normally could not receive without a fee.”

The NGM Study is part of a national research effort coordinated by the American Small Manufacturers Coalition (ASMC), the Association for Manufacturing Excellence, in partnership with the Oklahoma Manufacturing Alliance and Manufacturing Extension Partnership centers across the nation.

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