Manufacturer’s Workshop: Visual Workplace, Visual Thinking

Enterprise Excellence Group, Association for Manufacturing Excellence, Francis Tuttle Technology Center, and Kimray, Inc. are bringing to Oklahoma City a special seminar.Visual Workplace, Visual Thinking” is a two-day workshop and factory tour event led by Dr. Gwendolyn Galsworth, a nationally renowned Visual Lean expert and author of the Shingo Award winning book, “Visual Workplace, Visual Thinking.”

The event is scheduled for May 14 and 15.

The seminar will teach principles, concepts, methods, and tools used in a visual workplace, and teach why visuality in the workplace is so important. Visual workplace principles can be used in any organization to help make the workplace for efficient, consistent, and productive. Participants will see more than 120 examples of actual visual solutions invented by real employees that learned how to think visually.

On day two, participants will visit Kimray, an Oklahoma City oil and gas valve manufacturer, and apply what they learned. As part of the registration, each participant will receive a copy of “Visual Workplace, Visual Thinking.”

To register, go to the AME website events page: