Manufacturer’s Workshop

Make plans to join us for the 2014 Oklahoma Conference on Manufacturing. The event is scheduled for Tuesday, Sept. 30 and Wednesday, October 1 at the Renaissance Tulsa Hotel & Convention Center. The conference is sponsored by the Oklahoma Manufacturing Alliance and is our state’s largest gathering of manufacturing leaders. In addition to numerous speakers and mini-seminars, we’ve included an in-depth training program specifically designed for manufacturing professionals.

Manufacturer’s Workshop
Tuesday, September 30, 2014
1:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.

This year we’ve added a Tuesday afternoon half-day “Manufacturer’s Workshop” just for manufacturers. The 3-hour intensive training session will move past the surface and dig deeper into waste identification, operator balance charts, line balancing, standard work-in-progress, and one-piece flow. Led by industry experts from ISI, the workshop will show how manufacturers can take existing resources to quickly create more efficient flow, increase capacity and reduce work-in-progress. The workshop includes hands-on exercises where teams compete against each other while applying Lean Manufacturing tools. Concept training will be incorporated with real-world examples discussed.

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The workshop is perfect for those looking to move beyond the 101 basics of Lean theory, whether it be in a shop floor or administrative setting.

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It’s included in the price of the conference, just click the “Manufacturer’s Workshop” box during registration. But hurry, it’s limited to the first 100 who sign up.