Quote, Design, & Drawing Automation for Oklahoma Manufacturers

Seminar Spotlight:
2015 Oklahoma Conference on Manufacturing

How best can small and medium-sized manufacturers integrate new technology to boost production and increase profits? That’s an important question we’ll help answer at this year’s Oklahoma Conference on Manufacturing.

The event is scheduled for Wednesday, October 7 at the Embassy Suites Hotel and Convention Center in Norman. The Oklahoma Manufacturing Alliance is looking forward to another great informational and educational program. It’s our state’s largest gathering of manufacturing professionals, giving everyone a chance to learn from one another and set the agenda for economic growth and development.

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Among the educational sessions offered this year will be:

Quote, Design, & Drawing Automation for Oklahoma Manufacturers

Design automation for quoting can look very attractive to your sales teams who want to speed up the process. It can also seem attractive to the engineering team that want to automate the DWG and PDF outputs. That said, how do you do that? Custom programming with traditional means only gets you so far and you won’t know where the roadblocks are till it is too late.

In this session, Daryl Price with D3 Technologies will cover the high-level questions to ask yourself early in the process, so you start down this road with a good plan and confidence in your technology path. He will discuss the differences and roles for i-Logic, Configurator 360, .Net programming and Autodesk’s Inventor ETO (Engineered to Order). It’s a high-level session with no programmer talk.

D3 Technologies has led the way in ETO development for the Autodesk channel with many years of successful client solutions. D3 works with all of these tools and has developed much of the ETO technology being used today. D3 knows how far the tools can take you and how to avoid the pitfalls.

Daryl Price has worked with clients for more than 15 years, helping them operationalize workflows through the application of technology. He has helped D3 Technologies become known in North America as the primary source and leading developer for tools that support manufacturing and their continued pursuit of Lean Engineering.

See you in October!

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