2015 Oklahoma Conference on Manufacturing: Seminar Sessions

There were a multitude of seminar opportunities at this year’s Oklahoma Conference on Manufacturing.


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3D Virtual Manufacturing Simulations for Oklahoma Companies

A “predictive systems program” creates a 3D virtual manufacturing scheme based on an actual facility. The computer simulation program can then predict the impact of changes to the facility layout and process design. This program is now available to Oklahoma manufactures.

OSU Applications Engineers will discuss how this virtual simulation is able to capture the workings of a real system in terms of information, people and product flows. The changes to a facility can be internal with new equipment, external with supplier issues, or related to continuous improvement. For each of these changes, virtual “What-if-Scenarios” can be modeled using the Predictive System Program results are used to plan the most efficient course of action.

By modeling and analyzing the entire system, PSP helps avoid optimizing one production line or equipment to the detriment of other interconnected processes in a facility. PSP helps manufacturers understand the link between performance metrics and financial metrics.

Predictive systems improvement focuses on Lean-related efficiencies. In the case of a typical Lean project, a current state scenario is created virtually and modified for several possible future state scenarios. An optimized future state is selected based on the outcomes and implemented into the actual system.

Quote, Design, & Drawing Automation

Design Automation for quoting can look very attractive to your sales teams who want to speed up the process. It can also seem attractive to the engineering team that want to automate the DWG and PDF outputs. That said, how do you do that? Custom programming with traditional means only gets you so far and you won’t know where the roadblocks are till it is too late.

In this session, Daryl Price with D3 Technologies will cover the high-level questions to ask yourself early in the process, so you start down this road with a good plan and confidence in your technology path. He will discuss the differences and roles for i-Logic, Configurator 360, .Net programming and Autodesk’s Inventor ETO (Engineered to Order). It’s a high-level session with no programmer talk.

D3 Technologies has led the way in ETO development for the Autodesk channel with many years of successful client solutions. D3 works with all of these tools and has developed much of the ETO technology being used today. D3 knows how far the tools can take you and how to avoid the pitfalls.

Daryl Price has worked with clients for more than 15 years, helping them operationalize workflows through the application of technology. He has helped D3 Technologies become known in North America as the primary source and leading developer for tools that support manufacturing and their continued pursuit of Lean Engineering.

Real-World Production with 3D Manufacturing

Standley Systems and 3D Systems Corporation will discuss the emerging world of additive manufacturing. This session will delve deeper than an overview of 3D printing, exploring how small and medium-sized manufacturers in Oklahoma can utilize this technology for actual production work. Paul Miller has more than 25 years of experience working with engineering and manufacturing companies. The past 18 years, he has strictly focused on 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing. This session, he will focus on:

  • Direct manufacturing of metal and plastic components
  • Application examples of a wide variety of industries and companies using 3D printing for direct manufacturing
  • How other companies are thinking outside the box and using this disruptive technology to gain a competitive advantage

Creating a Business Culture that Leads to Innovation

Brent Douglass with Giant Partners will bring his expertise on how leaders can create a business culture that fosters company-wide innovation.

As Brent says, “Great culture wins.” It’s what sets apart the truly innovative organizations of the world from the also-rans. Unfortunately, most organization’s take culture for granted as something that just happens. In this discussion, he’ll delve into the importance of culture to an organization’s growth and focus on the tools and mindset needed to create a true “culture of innovation.”

Brent is strategist and an analyst. He cuts to the core of any issue with the precision of an engineer…because he is one, among other things. Brent spent more than 20 years helping his own companies grow through his vision in technology and product development, operational improvement, and strategic business planning. While he intuitively understands the art of leadership, he masterfully crafts growth through the science of leadership. His forte is finding the solution that no one else sees, and building the map to help you get there.


Oklahoma Case Study: Lean Principles and Toyota Kata at Cookshack

Stuart Powell with Cookshack in Ponca City will discuss how his company is bettering the competition by strategically applying Lean principles and Toyota Kata. The concepts are utilized in areas of employee retention and in other non-traditional parts of his enterprise.

Oklahoma Panel Discussion: Enterprise Excellence Group

The Enterprise Excellence Group is an Oklahoma consortium of Lean practitioners that come together to grow their knowledge and share their implementation efforts. In this session, EEG members will discuss “Engaging Your Workforce in Your Lean Journey.” A panel of experienced Lean leaders will discuss how they effectively engage their people and what role that plays in developing a successful continuous improvement program.


13 ‘Wow’erful Communication Tips to Springboard Your Sales and Leadership

Are you looking to build long-term relationships with your customers and avoid single transactions? Do you want to connect more with your team? In this session, you’ll learn how you can communicate powerfully and:

  • Uncover tips to be relaxed before stressful meetings
  • Learn the number one question to ask in communication
  • Discover non-verbal skills to engage your employees

Chris Zervas with Summit Solution Group will offer quick and effective tips for company leaders when communicating to employees. Chris has dedicated his career to addressing the challenging issue of balancing productivity with relationships. He is the author of Bomb Proof Constructive Feedback: Sustaining Healthy Conversations at Work, a book training leaders to effectively communicate through difficult conversations and conflict. He received his Master’s Degree in Communication from Wheaton College after graduating as a student/athlete at the University of Oklahoma. Two college faculties have employed Chris’ expertise in the areas of speech and business communication.

Leading Up: Developing Employees into Great ‘Right Hands’

David Woods with Giant Partners will bring his expertise in leadership training to address creating a culture of greatness among employees. David has the mind of a strategist and the heart of a coach. He has a way of taking complex business concepts and framing them so leaders can grab hold of them and run. With his vast experience, he helps make sense of things like making growth fun again, meeting, financial and emotional goals, and teaching an organizations to think for itself … and even grow itself.

In this session, David will discuss the “Leading Up” program and will touch on:

  • Becoming a culture builder, not a rider
  • Taking tasks off of the shoulders of supervisors and managers
  • Increasing the capacity of supervisors and managers
  • Decreasing the stress of supervisors and those around them

Dream It Do It Oklahoma: Changing the Perception of Manufacturing

Stephanie Cameron, executive director of Dream It Do It Oklahoma, will talk about how Oklahoma manufacturers can join together and help change the image of their industry. Dream It Do It Oklahoma is an initiative that showcases the incredible career opportunities available in manufacturing. It works to change perceptions of manufacturing careers by connecting manufacturers with students, parents and educators to create an understanding of the manufacturing renaissance in the United States.


Export Assistance for Oklahoma Manufacturers

The ExporTech program helps companies to enter or expand in global markets. It assists in the development of a customized international growth plan, vetted by experts, and uses a team to quickly move companies beyond planning to actual export sales.

In this session you will hear from the Justin Hazard the facilitator for the ExporTech program and from Marcus Verner, Director at U.S. Department of Commerce Export Assistance Center. Also participating is Anthony Cambas, Director of the Center for International Trade & Development and the International Trade Center Small Business Development Center at Oklahoma State University along with Jesse Garcia, Global Project Specialist of Global Trade and Investment from the Oklahoma Department of Commerce. Each will talk about the value of ExporTech and the specific services they can provide related to export assistance. Attendees also will hear from Mike Mahorney of DDB Unlimited in Wynnewood who will discuss his company’s success through ExporTech.