The Carlson Company Earns ISO Certification

Tulsa-based manufacturer The Carlson Company celebrated its recent ISO certification–ISO 9001:2008 certification this week. Carlson earned the certification with the help of the Oklahoma Manufacturing Alliance and other local resources. With certification, the company will see a larger market for its work and be added to many preferred vendor lists. This week’s celebration included a food truck serving lunch, team photos, and unveiling of an ISO banner.

Carlson is a leading manufacturer of custom large diameter steel flanges, rings, and disks up to 162 inches in diameter, 132 inches tall, and weighing 50,000 pounds.  The firm serves a diverse worldwide customer base primarily in the petroleum refining, petrochemical, heavy industrial, food processing, utility, and transportation industries.

Carlson began the ISO registration process by contacting Bart Pickens, a manufacturing extension agent with the Oklahoma Manufacturing Alliance. He is sponsored locally by Tulsa Technology Center. Pickens had worked with Carlson on several projects and enjoyed a solid relationship with its new leaders.

Pickens connected the company to Carl Peterson and worked through Tulsa Technology Center to map out a timeline for training and implementation. Costs were discussed and Tulsa Technology Center was able to assist through Existing Industry funding. The training cycle began in earnest and included seminars on the quality management standard, as well as writing procedures to support the quality management processes implemented by Carlson. Internal auditors were trained and used to evaluate how the company was monitoring procedures and meeting customer quality requirements.

The company decided it was ready and a registration audit was scheduled for late last year. “This six-month cycle leading to a successful first registration audit is very fast for most companies,” Pickens said.

Operations Manager Venny Sneed credits the great working relationship between his staff and Carl Peterson, which included excellent focus. Jeff Carlson, VP-Sales, also expressed appreciation for the Oklahoma Manufacturing Alliance and Tulsa Technology Center. He is confident the efforts will lead to an expanded customer base and grow the company well into the future.

ISO certified company, The Carlson Company employee working at the facility.