Continuous Innovation: From Idea to Engineering to Market

Travis Posey is vice president of HSI Sensing in Chickasha. His company is one of the most continuously innovative manufacturers in Oklahoma. And it’s no coincidence HSI continues to grow and prosper. In a recent post, he offered five quick tips for taking a new product to market.

“One of my favorite parts of the product development cycle is showing off our amazing new creations,” Posey says. “This last stage of the product development process is one of the most important because it creates buzz for future opportunities. Though it’s the last stage in the process, bringing a product to market starts before you even start considering design.”

One of Posey’s most important pieces of advice is to keep all team members involved from beginning to end.

Travis Posey  “Once an idea starts down the product development road, stay involved to make sure the product being developed will actually be useful for your customers,” he says. “Working with a big team of engineers is fun to watch because the creativity and passion for developing new things spawns so many great ideas.  However, knowing that at some point someone has to buy a product, being very specific about expectations is critical.”

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If you are looking for an efficient way to generate new ideas, consider Innovation Engineering. It’s a program of the Oklahoma Manufacturing Alliance that helps commercialize unique and cost-effective concepts. Innovation Engineering is a scientific method for accelerating more profitable products, services, customers, markets and processes. It’s an accessible system for companies to accelerate existing ideas and quickly address important problems and opportunities.

The Oklahoma Manufacturing Alliance has scheduled an introductory workshop that covers the basics of Innovation Engineering. The workshop will be September 20 at TulsaTech.

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