Workshop: Maintenance Prevention in Product Design and Equipment Maintenance

The Southwest Region of the the Association for Manufacturing Excellence is hosting an Oklahoma City workshop on “Maintenance Prevention in Product Design and Equipment Maintenance.” The workshop will be Sept. 7 and 8 and hosted by OKC manufacturer International Environmental Corporation (IEC). Other host partners are Francis Tuttle Technology Center and the Enterprise Excellence Group.

Registration deadline is Aug. 18. Click here to register.

Click here to download a workshop flier.

Although most organizations have embedded autonomous maintenance practices into their daily routines, they have not seen the impact in uptime/OEE that they would like while increasing maintenance budgets significantly. This workshop looks at ways to decrease necessary maintenance while improving reliability.

This hands-on workshop will focus on deploying the core principles of maintenance prevention in two environments, the first being in product design. We will examine an industrial product and develop ideas where the product design can be enhanced with maintenance prevention methods. The second is in manufacturing equipment, and how to retrofit existing equipment to improve its life-cycle and at the same time reduce costly maintenance activity.

It will focus on maintenance prevention, mistake proofing, equipment design & redesign, and practices that reduce the need for maintenance.

The aircraft and automotive industries have made significant contributions to maintenance prevention design of their products. Think of the amount of maintenance you perform on your car today vs 30 years ago. However, many industries have failed to adopt this approach in their own designs.

DRESS CODE: Steel-toed shoes, safety glasses (additional PPE provided on-site)

Host Company:

International Environmental Corporation (IEC) is the market leader for hydronic fan coil units in North America. They have provided custom comfort solutions in the hospitality, multi-family, healthcare and education markets for well over 60 years. They configure to order and build to order, offering industry-leading flexibility in sizing and configurations for a broad range of building applications. With unmatched engineering and applications support, IEC provides innovative new construction, replacement, and retrofit solutions crucial to a business’ success. This Oklahoma City based company has 320 employees and ~$75M in annualized sales throughout the Americas, Asia, and the Middle East.

AME Southwest thanks Francis Tuttle Technology Center in Oklahoma City and Enterprise Excellence Group for helping provide logistical and nutritional support for this event!

Participant Benefits:

  • We will demonstrate the application of maintenance prevention strategies to both equipment that one designs and builds for customers and equipment that one uses to build products
  • You will learn how to improve the design of products you make for your customers and how you would retrofit equipment to improve maintenance costs and reliability
  • How to design and build equipment/products that reduces the need for maintenance activities but at the same time increases reliability
  • Improve total lifecycle cost of equipment

Who Should Attend:

  • Plant managers
  • Operations managers
  • Directors
  • VP’s
  • Maintenance professionals
  • Site managers
  • Superintendents
  • Leaders of Lean Transformations


Mike Huszar
Mike Huszar is the president of DRIVE, Inc., a firm that focuses on enterprise-level business performance improvement, company turnarounds and leadership development and improvement. Mike has an extensive operations management and engineering management background which has taken him to over 1,000 locations across five continents leading various business performance improvement efforts including; change management, strategy management, production system design, footprint optimization, HR systems to support engagement, organizational problem solving capability, organizational learning, leadership development, and executive coaching.

Brian Heymans
Brian Heymans, is the former President of Kaizen Institute of America. He has over 38 years of experience in manufacturing organizations at executive levels. His experience spans the areas of world-class manufacturing design and implementation, operations management, business strategy, human resource development, re-engineering strategies and organizational development. Brian is widely regarded as a world-class practitioner and sensei in the field of performance improvement. His consulting focus is large-scale organizational change processes and the integration of change initiatives with corporate business strategy.

Harold Chapman
Harold Chapman, is a management consultant with over 20 years of experience leading and implementing change in numerous industries. He can function seamlessly from the tool-room to the design room to the boardroom. His degree is in General Engineering; which focuses on Mechanical, Electrical, Industrial and Controls Engineering. He is a certified variation reduction specialist and mentors Six Sigma Black Belts in advanced problem solving strategy and techniques. He has studied at the Rochester Institute of Technology (Automation) and has obtained a Lean Manufacturing Certification from the University of Kentucky.