Among Michelin’s operations is an innovative Oklahoma factory in Ardmore that employs more than 2,000.

Specifically, he told tire industry professionals they need to be collaborating now with companies that are “working at the edge,” or even beyond the edge, as reported by IndustryWeek Magazine.

For instance, are they working with the Teslas, the General Motors and the host of other automakers committed to the electric car market? Tire professionals should be engaged, not only because electric vehicles will change the world, Stafford says, but because they will change how tire manufacturers interact with that world.

Stafford, who also has a long history in Michelin research and development, pointed out several focus areas:

  • Noise dampening, due to the extreme quiet of electric vehicles.
  • Tire impact on electric car range.
  • Instantaneous torque and its impact on tread wear.

And then there’s Formula E, a fully electric racing series. Michelin has been developing tires for this series.

Click here to read the entire story on Stafford’s remarks in IndustryWeek.

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