Digital Media Webinar: Executive Leadership Planning for Sales and Marketing

In this free online webinar specifically designed for Oklahoma manufacturers, you’ll learn how to benchmark your current sales and marketing and then select sales and marketing strategies based on real financial goals.

April 24, 2017
10 a.m. to 11 a.m.
Free, But Registration Required

This one-hour workshop is intended for business leaders who are focused on growing their businesses and who have strategic responsibility for reaching their goals. It will help you diagnose current sales and marketing performance and determine your financial potential. You also can use tools from this webinar to identify which sales and marketing strategies you should invest in and how to justify your ROI. You will be introduced to a simple goal-setting framework to help keep you on track.

If you are establishing a sales or marketing budget, this is required reading for CEOs, CFOs, and sales and marketing leaders.

This seminar will help you understand the buying process, and how that matches with your sales funnel. You will be able to gather your company’s data and use it within our framework to identify the opportunities in your sales funnel that are most important in reaching your financial goals.

We will provide resources in the form of spreadsheets which you can input your current business data and calculate your potential performance based on if/then scenarios and different strategic options.

It’s presented by Peter Wyro, M.B.A. Wyro is the chief marketing scientist with “Cherry.” He has led international marketing and product development teams which have resulted in more than $100 million in revenue and asset value creation. He helps small to mid-sized companies in technology, industrial, and engineering sectors with growth strategies to meet their financial objectives. He earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from the University of Texas at Arlington and an MBA from the University of Dallas, Graduate School of Management.

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