Oklahoma Manufacturing Alliance Celebrates Its 25th Anniversary

October is Manufacturing Month across Oklahoma and America. So the Oklahoma Manufacturing Alliance is taking the opportunity to acknowledging its 25th year of supporting our state’s innovative and wealth-generating industry.

The Oklahoma Manufacturing Alliance is a vital statewide economic development organization chartered by the Legislature in 1992 to specifically help existing industry. It includes a field staff of 15 extension agents and four applications engineers with offices in local communities throughout the state. Services reach all 77 counties and focus on improving the bottom line through concepts like Six Sigma and Lean Manufacturing, while growing the entire company through the adoption of new technologies, strategic planning and expanded markets.

“The Manufacturing Alliance began in the 90s when a group of both private companies and public leaders were looking for a way to assist existing manufacturers,” says Dave Rowland, president of the Oklahoma Manufacturing Alliance. “They knew the manufacturing sector was the most efficient economic driver of high-wage job creation. 25 years later that is more true than ever. That’s why we remain a locally accessible and continue to work hard to help our 3,500 manufacturers grow and prosper.”

The work bridges the gap between technology developers, R&D organizations, and private firms. Our Alliance offers valuable industrial skills training in technical focus areas. That helps position our state to address the workforce skills gap that is growing among manufacturers.


The Manufacturing Alliance’s most important partner is the Oklahoma Center for the Advancement of Science and Technology, serving as its arm to commercialize emerging technology. The Oklahoma Manufacturing Alliance delivers a high return on investment to its partners and stakeholders. Over the past four years alone, completed projects resulted in $212 million in sales growth and $107 million in bottom-line earnings. During this time, the Oklahoma Manufacturing Alliance created and retained more than 4,100 high-wage jobs in the state while engaging on average 900 manufacturers each year.

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For every dollar invested, the Manufacturing Alliance generates $69 in new sales growth and $25 in new plant and equipment investment.

With a weak energy sector, effective rural economic development is more important than ever. Through our extension system, we reach traditionally underserved areas of the state. We are in a unique situation to help rural manufacturers diversify their business and grow local and state economies.

As a NIST-MEP network affiliate, the Oklahoma Manufacturing Alliance is in a unique position to leverage national resources on a local level.

The Importance of Manufacturing in Oklahoma

  • 3,500 manufacturing companies
  • 135,000 workers employed in manufacturing
  • 10% of state’s workforce employed in manufacturing
  • Generates 10% of the state’s economy
  • 90% of manufacturers employ fewer than 50 workers

Ways the Manufacturing Alliance Helps

  • Company-Wide Assessments
  • Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma
  • Engineering and Technical Assistance
  • Problem-Solving Resources
  • Continuous Innovation and Technology Acceleration
  • Business-to-Business Collaborations
  • New Product Development
  • Export Assistance and New Markets
  • Supply Chain Efficiencies
  • Regulatory and Industry Certification Assistance
  • Waste Reduction, Energy Efficiency and Sustainability
  • Digital Marketing
  • Strategic and Succession Planning

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