Position Available: Manufacturing Extension Agent, July 2018, NW Oklahoma

The Oklahoma Manufacturing Alliance has an opening for a manufacturing extension agent. This extension agent will be headquartered at Pioneer Technology Center in Ponca City and serve several counties in northwestern Oklahoma. The Oklahoma Manufacturing Alliance is unique in fielding a statewide network of manufacturing coaches and experts located in the communities they serve, readily accessible when needs arise. Manufacturing Extension Agents provide outreach to companies, often in rural, underserved areas of the state. From marketing to engineering and even financing for capital improvements, the Manufacturing Alliance calls on a comprehensive network of private and public entities to assist manufacturers. Manufacturing Extension Agents work closely with CareerTech centers, community colleges and other partners to identify, coordinate and manage growth projects, cost savings projects, and training opportunities.


While officed at Pioneer Technology Center, this position also reports to other sponsor organizations, Northern Oklahoma College and Autry Technology Center. The position serves northwest Oklahoma in Alfalfa, Beckham, Blaine, Custer, Dewey, Garfield, Grant, Kay, Kingfisher, Major, Washita, Western Osage, Woods, and Woodward counties. The manufacturing extension agent helps make manufacturers more productive, grow and prosper, thus helping to grow our state’s economy.

Required Education / Experience:

Five years senior or executive management experience in manufacturing environment; A minimum level of a Bachelor’s degree required. Preferably in Engineering, Industrial Technology, Business Administration or related field; or equivalent combination of education and experience.

Required Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

  • Assist local manufacturers to develop a strategy and vision of what it takes to become progressively more successful in their marketplace.
  • Assist local manufacturers to identify improvement projects that will help them to compete at higher levels of value-added production and to help diagnose problems that may limit a firm’s competitiveness.
  • Assist local manufacturers to develop plans to implement these improvements or to solve their problems.
  • Assist local manufacturers to implement their plans and achieve their performance goals through the effective use of local, regional, state and national manufacturing assistance resources.
  • Assist local firms to evaluate the quality and responsiveness of the industrial assistance resources.
  • Communicate with other members of the extension system about manufacturers’ needs.
  • Assist local manufacturers to evaluate and improve the quality and responsiveness of the Manufacturing Extension Agents and others in the extension system.
  • Assist rural-based, minority-owned and small disadvantaged manufacturing firms to evaluate and improve the quality and responsiveness of the Manufacturing Extension Agents and others in the extension system.
  • Assist the Alliance to recruit member firms who share an interest in manufacturing modernization.
  • Promote firm-to-firm cooperation and the establishment of joint solutions to common problems.
  • Assists sponsoring partner(s) to promote training and services they provide to manufacturing.
  • Maintain records and provide reports and interaction as required by the sponsors and The Alliance for client tracking, case management, and performance evaluation.
  • Performs related duties as assigned to meet the sponsors and the Oklahoma Manufacturing Alliance performance standards and expectations.
  • Assist sponsoring partner(s) to find manufacturing internships, scholarships and placement of students in manufacturing positions when applicable.
  • Demonstrate the ability to interact with the local owners, CEOs, and managers of small to medium-sized manufacturers
  • Demonstrate the ability to recruit local owners, CEO’s and managers of small to medium-sized manufacturers into associations, work groups, advisory groups, or the like.
  • Demonstrate the ability to work with local firms to facilitate meetings, workshops, and technical seminars; to manage and process the input from participants.
  • Demonstrate coaching skills with the ability to diagnose practical manufacturing and business problems or to implement competitiveness-enhancing projects with local manufacturing firms.
  • Demonstrate the ability to assist manufacturing firms to implement modernization plans or to solve modernization problems.
  • Demonstrate ability to locate and arrange for the delivery of services or products from vendors, suppliers, or service providers to local firms.
  • Demonstrate management and project-evaluation ability.
  • Demonstrate a combination of related practical professional responsibility and experience (formal education and/or training is strongly preferred).
  • Demonstrate ability to learn rapidly and in depth, coupled with the ability to communicate clearly.
  • Maintain accreditation standards for state agency and regulatory board.