Oklahoma Finance Authorities Partner With Manufacturing Alliance –

The Oklahoma Finance Authorities is now a Regional Partner of the Oklahoma Manufacturing Alliance.

Created in 1959, the Authority is an indispensable partner for economic growth and prosperity in Oklahoma. It is a state resource that provides financing solutions to business expansion efforts. Headquartered in Oklahoma City, it services the financing needs of manufacturers all across Oklahoma.

The Authority works collaboratively with community banks, economic developers, local governments, the Oklahoma Department of Commerce and many others. The Authority provides financing for land, building and equipment directly or in partnership with banking institution. The project loan amounts typically range from $750,000 to $5 million. It can participate in projects greater than $5 million by working with banking groups.

“The Oklahoma Finance Authorities takes great pride in carrying out our mission to further new employment and the retention of existing jobs in the industrial manufacturing sector,” says President and CEO Michael Davis. “Our work concentrates on diversifying the state of Oklahoma economy. We want to be a partner that aids in helping you create new capabilities and expand your production.”

For more information, phone the Authority at 405-842-1145, or click here to send a note to Davis.