Oklahoma Manufacturing Alliance Event Will Highlight Innovations and New Initiatives |

The Oklahoma Manufacturing Alliance is hosting a special event with Lt. Gov. Matt Pinnell Tuesday, Nov. 19 at the Embassy Suites Downtown in Oklahoma City. It’s a celebration of Oklahoma manufacturing and its positive impact on the state’s economy.

The “Together We Make It” event begins at 5:30 p.m. with exhibitions of the latest manufacturing technologies, including a robotics demonstration. The dinner portion of the evening will feature videos of successful Oklahoma manufacturers and the opportunity for attendees to hear industry and state leaders discuss the latest collaborative developments affecting the manufacturing industry.

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Speakers will include Lt. Gov. Pinnell, State Secretary of Commerce Sean Kouplen and Phillip Singerman, associate director for innovation at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

Topics highlighted during the evening will include:

  • Advanced technologies on the horizon, and how some state manufacturers are already taking advantage of these new innovations
  • Personal success stories of manufacturers (videos and in-person appearances)
  • Best practices shared by other manufacturers
  • Discussions on new collaborative initiatives in 2020 and the growing future of manufacturing in our state
  • Resources available from Manufacturing Alliance and other state partners that can help manufacturers grow and prosper

According to Manufacturing Alliance President Dave Rowland, the goal of the event is to get people excited about the positive direction of manufacturing in the state.

“There are so many exciting things happening right now in manufacturing across Oklahoma,” said Rowland. “This event allows us to bring manufacturers and state leaders together to look at what we’re already accomplishing and to get a glimpse at where our industry is headed in the next few years.”

Rowland also pointed out that manufacturing has an enormous impact on Oklahoma’s economy—something he hopes state leaders and the public will better understand after the event.

Each year, the Manufacturing Alliance works with hundreds of companies on thousands of projects. The economic impact is extraordinary, totaling tens of millions of dollars in new sales and significant high-wage job creation. The organization is distinctive in its ability to utilize the programs developed through the national Manufacturing Extension Partnership.

“The Oklahoma Manufacturing Alliance works with manufacturers to raise the standard of living in communities across Oklahoma,” Rowland said. “For every dollar invested, our organization generates $75 in new sales growth and $19 in factory improvements. We’re excited to support the manufacturers that support our state’s economic growth.”

The Oklahoma Manufacturing Alliance, along with the Oklahoma Center for the Advancement of Science and Technology, i2E and OSU’s New Product Development Center, forms the Oklahoma Innovation Model. It is an integrated solution for innovation. OCAST funds qualified research, i2E then delivers concept validation and secures growth-stage capital. The Manufacturing Alliance helps ramp innovation from the concept or startup-stage to full-scale manufacturing implementation. Together, the partnership provides the best return on investment, especially in traditionally underserved rural areas of the state.

To learn more about this Nov. 19 evening to celebrate Oklahoma manufacturing, email celebration@okalliance.com.

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