Seymour Engineering Joins Manufacturing Alliance as Affiliate Member |

Seymour Engineering and Consulting Group recently joined the Oklahoma Manufacturing Alliance as an Affiliate Member. The company is now part of a vital economic development network growing our state and raising the standard of living of all Oklahomans.

For more than a decade SECG has provided engineering, analysis, design, and consulting services to a variety of OEMs, contract manufacturers, and independent innovators across the United States. From customized engineering support to new product development, SECG has tackled a wide array engineering challenges in multiple market industries. This experience coupled with a focus on manufacturing helps SECG derive engineered solutions that are geared towards increased productivity, reduced cost, and ultimately higher profits.

SECG specializes in mechanical engineering, with a particular emphasis on engineering design, analysis, and simulation.  Many clients utilize SECG’s in-house advanced simulation capabilities to rapidly test product designs within a virtual environment for development purposes or to reverse engineer a product application issue for future design improvement.  When it comes to new product development, SECG has a concentrated focus on collaboration by integrating key stakeholders early within the design process helping ensure the engineering solution meets technical, manufacturing, and business level needs for today and tomorrow.

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For more information about becoming a member of the Oklahoma Manufacturing Alliance and helping grow Oklahoma, drop us a note here.