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Supply Chain Management Workshop Series

Fundamentals of Supply Chain Management

Part 1 of 3 in the Series

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The first in our three-part series on supply chain management, this brief session will help professionals increase their fundamental knowledge, skills and abilities. Modernized supply chain management begins with clarity of the vision and objectives, while product and service markets must be understood before demand signals can be determined. Systems, processes, and resources can then be designed to support the requirements of planning, sourcing, making, delivering, returning, and enabling. This session will provide an overview of creating robust feedback loops that drive continuous improvement. It will help organizations determine how best to manage relationships with customers and suppliers with an eye on long-term business success.

Proficiency in Supply Chain Management

Part 2 of 3 in the Series

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The second in our three-part series on supply chain management, this brief session will provide a deeper dive into modern-day supply chain management.

Even for smaller companies, the magnitude and significance of efficient supply chains has exploded over the past decade. This session will offer an overview of how best to apply processes to cost, price and supplier segmentation while optimizing resources and improving efficiencies across the company. Gain useful insights into how demand will drive more effective forecasting and inventory strategies. Also, we’ll take a look at supplier engagement, third party services and emerging technologies.

Thursday, March 4
10 a.m.

Total Cost of Ownership
Online Workshop

In this final session of our three-part series on supply chain management, we’ll help professionals understand total cost of ownership (TCO) and how it relates to your operations. You’ll learn how and why unit acquisition cost is often just a small portion of TCO. We’ll explain why It is critical to engage suppliers, internal stakeholders and customers to optimize solutions. Helpful strategy points will illustrate how to leverage the magnitude of spends in a company to explore opportunities that impact bottom-line costs and set up potential streams for top-line growth.



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