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Optimizing Tactical Performance
June 24  |  10 a.m.
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The Visual Management System is an operations management program that helps your company meet its strategic and production goals by easily dealing with constraints. It is a communication and collaboration process that aligns all roles in the organization to the company’s objectives of production, quality, and on-time delivery.

Join us for this brief webinar where we will offer a concise overview of our “Optimizing Tactical Performance” program. Our proprietary Visual Management System provides a physical tool that identifies, tracks, and communicates goals of individuals, departments, and the company. VMS identifies constraints to goals, then assigns the problems to those who can remove the obstacles.

VMS—often called a huddle—can be used anywhere in the business, but is most often utilized on the production floor at the beginning of each shift. Our quick online session will offer a glimpse of how production workers and supervisors can meet around a customized white board where goals, barriers, and actual results are posted. You’ll see how it all provides an information center where employees can easily view the state of production.


Transformational Performance Measures
July 8  |  10 a.m.
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We all use metrics to drive improvements and to help focus people and resources on what’s important. But there is seemingly an endless range of benchmarks that companies can utilize. Join us for this webinar where we review our new program, “Transformational Performance Measures.”

This quick overview offers a look at the most important measures, from those that are mandatory—for legal, safety or contractual purposes—to those that track increases in efficiency, reductions in complaints, greater profits, and better savings. You’ll better understand how the best metrics support your strategies and priorities throughout the entire organization. We’ll offer insights on the best most meaningful measures for finance, marketing, competition, standards, customer requirements, and other expectations.


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