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Aligning Structure to Achieve Strategy:
Creating the Perfect Operating Model for Manufacturers
May 11, 2021

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With a little help and support, manufacturers can create the perfect operating model. Take a look at this brief overview of our new program, “Aligning Structure to Achieve Strategy.” In this online session, we’ll help participants understand the three common organizational structures: functional, product, and geographic.

Rarely do organizations align the structure to the strategy they are trying to achieve, choosing to continue with their same “operating model.” We’ll offer a glimpse of our process where we help your leadership team reexamine its tactics and operating model to verify all are directly aligned to the organization’s strategy. In the end, the result is a clearly defined operating model that has direct alignment to the strategy, objectives, and deliverables of your company.

You’ll learn about important next steps after this alignment, which can further develop the accountabilities, metrics, and decision making in your organization.



Creating a Business Transformation:
Full Optimization for Manufacturers
April 27, 2021

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Often companies develop a strategy, then just wait to see it in action. Lackluster results soon follow. Fully optimizing an organization takes holistic leadership and a process that engages all levels of business.

In this webinar, we help you understand that business transitions take more than just one boss making decisions. We’ll explain how to build a “Guiding Coalition” of employees that can oversee strategy development and eventually reach the desired culture. This session is an overview of our deeper “business transformation” one-day workshop, which follows John Kotter’s model of leading transformational change to drive measurable results when aligned to a strategy-to-action plan.

While developed to achieve an ideal corporate strategy, it is a process useful for any kind of change effort. This method can be used when an organization is not meeting its goals or to help drive a sense of urgency. Let us help you turn your team into transformational leaders.



Strategy to Action in Manufacturing Operations
April 8, 2021

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Often, strategic plans don’t achieve expected results because the company isn’t driving a systematic project-management approach. Check out this quick webinar that offers an overview of our new program, “Strategy to Action.” You’ll get a look at our simple step-by-step method that operationalizes strategy to drive results.

The process distills the strategy into actionable objectives, which includes detailed project plans and assigned owners. This method helps designated owners through ways that ensure 18 to 36-month strategic outcomes are realized. Finally, we’ll talk about the implementation of a “Strategy Forum,” which is a unique leadership meeting where all involved make sure your plan is implemented and results are delivered.



Optimizing the Organization: Taking It to 10
March 25, 2021

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Our new program, “Optimizing the Organization: Take It to 10” is a strategic planning method that uses an 18 to 36-month timeline to optimize all aspects of your company. Join us for this one-hour webinar offering an overview of this proprietary process. You’ll better understand what it takes to win in your industry and gain insights into exactly why your most potent competitor is so successful. With that knowledge, you can recognize your value proposition and how you differentiate yourself.

It can help companies like yours target areas without significant competition or target markets that can differentiate your business. Once it is developed, it can help you define “what will it takes to win” in the industry that you serve.

In this session, you’ll see how this unique process can identify gaps in your organization’s structure, people systems, tools, methods, and metrics, then engage leaders to close those gaps. Ultimately, your organization will develop a clear blueprint for recovering, growing, and scaling to your future business needs.




Total Cost of Ownership
Part 3 of 3 in the Series
March 5, 2021

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In this final session of our three-part series on supply chain management, we’ll help professionals understand total cost of ownership (TCO) and how it relates to your operations. You’ll learn how and why unit acquisition cost is often just a small portion of TCO. We’ll explain why It is critical to engage suppliers, internal stakeholders and customers to optimize solutions. Helpful strategy points will illustrate how to leverage the magnitude of spends in a company to explore opportunities that impact bottom-line costs and set up potential streams for top-line growth.


Proficiency in Supply Chain Management
Part 2 of 3 in the Series
February 25, 2021

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Second of the Oklahoma Manufacturing Alliance’s 3-part webinar series on Supply Chain Management, providing a deeper dive into modern-day concepts. Even for smaller companies, the magnitude and significance of efficient supply chains has exploded over the past decade. This session will offer an overview of how best to apply processes to cost, price and supplier segmentation while optimizing resources and improving efficiencies across the company. Gain useful insights into how demand will drive more effective forecasting and inventory strategies. Also, we’ll take a look at supplier engagement, third party services and emerging technologies.


Fundamentals of Supply Chain Management
Part 1 of 3 in the Series
February 10, 2021

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First of the Oklahoma Manufacturing Alliance’s 3-part webinar series on Supply Chain Management, this session covers the fundamental and what it should look like for your organization in the modern manufacturing world. The brief overviews provide a foundation for what can be significant improvements to your specific production demands. The three workshops—less than one hour each—are designed to build on one another, but are available separately to meet individual needs.


Introduction to Supply Chain Management
January 28, 2021

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This webinar offers a brief introduction to supply chain management and the Manufacturing Alliance’s upcoming three-part workshop series.

In this webinar, you’ll better understand what is supply chain management and how does it drive success in your organization? this primer is perfect for small and medium-sized manufacturers. It will offer a deeper understanding of what supply chain management is, its history, and what it should look like for your organization in the modern manufacturing world.


Business Excellence Assessments

January 21, 2021

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This webinar offers a brief discussion of the Business Excellence Assessment. It’s a proven diagnostic tool that focuses on aligning the six critical areas of your business operations: With this tool, the Manufacturing Alliance can help identify specific pain points, recognize the root causes, and then determine how they impact performance. This free self-assessment helps provide clarity while developing a plan to improve and optimize your business.