Transformation Model

The Lean Transformation Model

Our Lean Manufacturing tools and services are not only proven, they’re flexible. The Oklahoma Manufacturing Alliance will look at your particular journey in four stages:

1. Indentify the Opportunities
How can Lean optimize your operations? The Oklahoma Manufacturing Alliance will assess how your plant gets things done, work with you to identify a baseline, then identify where Lean can have an impact. This provides a solid list of objectives.

2. Design the Solution
This is where the blueprint is created that leads to a new and improved operation. Employees are trained to “think Lean” so everyone is focused on the same goals. A set of “maps” are developed to provide the most direct route to where you want to be.

3. Implement the Solution
First, a pilot project is chosen and deployed to showcase the success of Lean principles. From there, a phased rollout progresses. Lean is a multi-step process that involves mentoring, facilitation, knowledge transfer, and joint implementation with your company’s team.

4. Stay Involved
Lean isn’t something you do, then forget about. It’s an ongoing journey where the rewards get greater and greater. As you meet your business objectives and improve your performance, it’s important to keep the momentum going. Sure, you don’t want to slip back, but even better, you want to realize even more benefits. It’s an area where The Alliance excels. We can help you continually enhance your competitive edge, measure performance, and constantly improve.

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Many manufactures are surprised the Lean is effective in smaller firms and job shops. It effective and flexible to every manufacturing situation.