The Manufacturing Alliance offers its services to all small and medium-sized manufacturers in Oklahoma. There is no membership requirement for manufacturers to access any level of support.

The Oklahoma Manufacturing Alliance does not require “membership” or any fees from service providers when making resource referrals to clients. Final decisions on the use of specific service providers for projects coordinated through the Oklahoma Manufacturing Alliance are always made by the clients themselves.

For Manufacturers

Gold Member:

Silver Member:

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For Non-Manufacturers

Regional Partner:
$5,000 t0 $25,000

Affiliate Member:

(Dues invoiced annually)

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Why Membership?

When you join the Oklahoma Manufacturing Alliance as a member, you are at the forefront of an economic transformation pushing our state forward. Together we raise the standard of living in your community and across our state.

As a member, you are leader. From high-tech equipment production to the adoption of advanced manufacturing systems, our collaboration creates a vibrant, sophisticated industry. With your support, our work bridges the gap between technology developers, R&D organizations, and private firms.

Most importantly, the Oklahoma Manufacturing Alliance delivers a high return on investment right to your community where you live. For every one dollar invested, the Manufacturing Alliance generates $63 in new sales growth and $21 in new plant and equipment investment. Over the past four years, our efforts have created and retained more than 6,000 high-wage jobs.

As a member you help shape manufacturing policy and lead industry from the front. Manufacturing is the foundation on which we improve our quality of life and you make a difference in your hometown.