5 Ways To Keep Gearheads Cool

Designers can take steps to prevent gearheads from overheating in high-torque and high-speed applications, according to a recent story in MachineDesign Magazine.

Design engineers developing applications that rely on servo motors and gearheads must consider thermal issues. The effects of temperature changes should be a primary concern if the goal is top-notch performance and reliability. Servo motors and gearheads are heat sources, so it is important to understand the effects of both excessive heat and temperature variation.

When servo motors and gearheads are coupled together, it can be difficult determining which component is generating the heat, and what percentage of heat is dissipated rather than transferred to other components.

When considering the basic design criteria of gearheads, several factors relate directly to heat generation:

  • Tooth geometry
  • Heat treatment/surface finish
  • Lubrication
  • Bearing selection.

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