Cobot Buyers Guide – 7 Key Factors

In a recent survey of manufacturers, 13 percent indicated they already have collaborative robots in operation, and another 15 percent expect to have them within the next 12 months. We know there is a lot of noise in the market and a lot to consider. This Cobot Buyers Guide developed by Rethink Robotics will help you understand seven key factors in evaluating collaborative robotic solutions.

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Due to advances in technology, collaborative robots (cobots) have become the solution of choice for manufacturers looking to solve labor issues, boost productivity and improve quality. Today’s cobots are safe to work around, require a much smaller
footprint than traditional automation, and are inexpensive enough to provide a rapid return on investment – even for smaller manufacturers with changing product lines.

If you’re in the market for a cobot, there are a number of important questions to consider before making a decision. This guide lists the seven most crucial elements to consider when evaluating cobots.