Cybersecurity eBook: Reports from the Front Lines of IoT

The conversation about the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) — and especially about its security ramifications — seems to grow more complex every year, every month, every week, even every day. How can you keep ahead of what you need to know? This eBook, Cybersecurity: Reports from the Front Lines of IoT, is a good place to start. Industry experts share their perspectives about how to keep cybersecurity under control, how to update (though not necessarily replace) for the years to come, and more.

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When companies design and develop IoT products, they often think and act in a microcosm. The eventual impact on the world at large is a secondary concern—and that’s the root of many of the world’s biggest cybersecurity issues today, FBI CISO Arlette Hart told her audience on the IoT World Europe stage at TechXLR8 in June 2017.

“Connections are myriad and unexpected,” she explained. “They mirror how we think, not how we plan.”

Every company might start with the best intentions of making their inventions and connected networks impenetrable—until this priority conflicts with achieving return on investment or beating a competitor to market. By the time these devices join the wider budding IoT ecosystem, keeping the desired level of security is easier said than done.

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