FAQ’s on the Internet of Things

What are the current challenges of the Internet of Things? What are the market potential and projected benefits of upgrading your system? How is data collected from sensors? What are the most important factors to track in a pneumatic system?

These are some of the frequently asked questions answered in a new, informative white paper released by Aventics.

The current challenge of the Internet of Things is how to connect the people, things, and services in one unified system. Humans provide simple data collection, analysis, visualization, clear indications of anomalies and risk of failure, individualized data density, and content related to recipients. Things are classified as end devices or sensors that can communicate data. Things are able to provide local intelligence analysis and preparer data for a specific location. The data is sent over standardized Ethernet protocols. The last piece of the system is the services and processes. This is how humans and things exchange relevant data autonomously without the need for humans to dig through raw data. The system analyzes and provides proactively the necessary information.

Aventics has been a leading manufacturer of pneumatics, marine technology and commercial vehicle technology for decades. Click here to download their complete FAQ report on the Internet of Things.