How Manufacturing Leaders Can Grow Talent

Author and leadership guru Sydney Finkelstein defines a “superboss” as someone unusually skilled at identifying and developing talent. Superbosses spawn a network of talent within organizations and entire industries. The eighteen exceptional leaders Finkelstein describes in Superbosses, a book based on a decade of research, include fashion mogul Ralph Lauren, marketing maven Jay Chiat, technology empire-builder Larry Ellison, NFL coaching legend Bill Walsh, and more.

Superbosses find talent in unconventional places, developing people with a hands-on, master-apprentice approach, and sparking innovations that create new business opportunities. As Finkelstein explains: “Superbosses yield a fresh set of answers, practices that anyone can borrow to nurture others and create an inexhaustible pipeline of rising stars.” The National Center for The Middle Market spoke with him about how manufacturers and other companies can learn from “the superboss playbook” to foster talent.

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