Safety and Quality: ‘Must Have’ Metrics for Continuous Improvement

Safety is the one topic everyone can agree on, so it can be a positive driver of behavior and culture change. Whether the employee is union or non-union, hourly or salaried, regular or temporary, it doesn’t matter. Nobody wants anyone getting hurt. Of course this starts with the communication of expectations from the leaders as well as their own behaviors matching up with the stated expectations.

For example, anyone in a leadership position must never walk past a safety hazard, must always pay close attention to detail during Gemba walks, and must deal with safety issues with demonstrated urgency. In short, the leader must be the behavior model others are expected to emulate. All leaders live in a fish bowl 24/7/365. Everyone on the shop floor is watching you. Your leadership and metrics on safety will help you start a grass fire that “things are changing around here”–and the culture change you seek will begin in earnest.

In this article, Larry Fast, founder and president of Pathways to Manufacturing Excellence, suggests his “must have” metrics related to plant safety. The tips are based on 40-plus years of experience in manufacturing.

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