Sensors Are Essential To Be IIoT Competitive

It has become clear to many this past year that the predictions of the speed at which the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and Internet of Things (IoT) will develop will prove truer than not in the decade ahead. Ten years. 2026. If your company’s time-to-market for new products is two to three years, then it has somewhere between three and five development cycles to assure that it does not fall behind. In this column, Machine Design looks at a narrow slice of one part of the IIoT and IoT challenge. Big Data, neural networks, smart machines, and artificial intelligence all require “source data.” In short, a great amount of the IoT discussion comes down to sensors.

Sensors of all types and sizes will be needed to generate the source data upon which the IoT’s intelligence will largely be built. Companies that make the most progress in the next 10 years in embedding and augmenting their hardware and electronics with data gathering and generating capabilities will likely be the market leaders in the following decade.

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