The Strategy of Sustaining Business Growth

Todd Zenger’s new book, Beyond Competitive Advantage, isn’t just about identifying and leveraging a single competitive advantage, but explains how companies can create big ideas, long-term theories of value that sustain business growth and generate multiple competitive advantages over time. Examples of these big, organizing “corporate theories,” as Zenger describes them, include Disney’s focus on leveraging great animated characters across all media, Apple’s long-held commitment to designing great consumer electronic devices that elegantly integrate hardware and software, and USAA’s focus on providing financial services to fit the unique needs of military families.

Zenger, a global expert on strategy and strategic leadership (as well as the N. Eldon Tanner Chair in Strategy and Strategic Leadership at the David Eccles School of Business at the University of Utah), spoke to the National Center for the Middle Market recently about business strategy and how manufacturers can sustain business growth.

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