National Manufacturers Marketplace at No Cost for One Year

In October, manufacturers using the free Connex Oklahoma database can expand their searches to a national level then utilize the National Marketplace at no cost for one year.
Connex Oklahoma is always FREE to manufacturers looking to search for suppliers and capabilities in the state. One of the advanced features of Connex Oklahoma allows users to expand their reach to the more than 140,000 manufactures across the entire United States. This expanded reach is accessed through the National Manufacturers Marketplace. Users signing up in October through Connex Oklahoma will receive one year’s access to the National Marketplace at no cost. And there is no obligation to continue after the free year expires.

Download this document for more information and sign-up instructions.

Connex Oklahoma is Always Free to State Manufacturers

Launched earlier this year as part of the Governor’s Supply Chain Oklahoma initiative, Connex Oklahoma was developed by the Oklahoma Manufacturing Alliance in partnership with the Oklahoma Department of Commerce.
The online database system allows manufacturers to connect, find alternate suppliers, explore production capabilities, and view their supply chain visually. Just as important, it also helps manufacturers identify single-supplier risks, and find opportunities for diversification in their supply chain.

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