Position Available: Director of Operations, July 2022

The Oklahoma Manufacturing Alliance has an opening for the position of Director of Operations. The Director of Operations reports directly to the VP of Operations and Business Development and is responsible for creating and sustaining strong organizational health, providing leadership and support in serving Oklahoma Manufacturing Alliance clients.

Those interested should email a resume and other relevant materials to Kinnee Tilly.


Relationship Management

  • Create and maintain effective contact and communication relationships with clients, employees, colleagues, and partners.
  • Determine the source of a problem and find effective solutions that will impact the client’s business in a positive manner.
  • Ensure appropriate processes and tools are available to create long lasting credible relationships with our clients.
  • Ensure that the team has the ability to build credibility with customers so they can be seen as a trusted advisor in order to meet the center’s mission.
  • Collaborate with others and provide feedback in a respectful manner showing that you can listen and recognize the strengths and abilities of others.
  • Mentor others in understanding the role they play within the organization and in supporting manufacturing within the state.

Sales Management

  • Effectively articulate the role that Oklahoma Manufacturing Alliance plays in creating client value while helping manufacturers evolve and grow.
  • Convince others of ideas and strategies that can benefit the client and our organization.
  • Negotiate with two or more parties to reach a mutually agreeable solution where all parties benefit.
  • Develop business acumen and knowledge of services provided so the team can holistically understand the client’s business and its challenges.
  • Develop sales and operational processes, systems, and standard work to ensure center goals are achieved.
  • Ensure that all sales resources have appropriate training to successfully perform their role.

Service Management

  • Responsible to monitor and measure client projects to ensure the quality of services delivered.
  • Act as a key resource for all client escalations when quality of services is impacted.
  • Monitor that all operational activities and customer information are correctly and entered in a timely manner into the CRM.
  • Monitor and ensure the survey process is being followed.

Organization, Integration, Health and Culture

  • Ensure alignment between the operation’s culture with the organization’s strategy balancing short-term performance with long-term sustainability.
  • Develop and utilize team practices to drive accountability that yields the intended culture that the center aspires to achieve.
  • Implement, measure, and manage the required policies and procedures for the operations team.
  • Act as a lead/mentor/coach to enable knowledge transfer and implementation of the strategies of the organization.
  • Identify key positions that are essential to the success of the operations and create and manage a succession plan to ensure that critical skills are grown or backfilled.
  • Develop and manage direct reports and give real time feedback on performance.
  • Conduct formal quarterly/annual performance reviews with direct reports
  • Assess individual compensation and provide recommendations to VP of Business Development and Operations.


  • Demonstrate strong relationship skills. Possessing a high-performance understanding of emotions and the components of relationships.
  • Demonstrate strong problem-solving skills including active listening, analysis, research, creativity, team building, and decision-making skills.
  • Ability to lead and support a remote work force.
  • Demonstration of consistent, transparent, and open communication skills.
  • Demonstrate strong team building skills.
  • Self-starter and proactive in nature
  • Ability to lead and support strong organizational health within the organization.