Engineering & Technical Assistance


In Oklahoma, we have a long history of innovation dating back to the early oil days. Today, that ingenuity vested in advanced manufacturing concepts is even more critical. There is a constant stream of innovative technologies, new business processes, and enlightened management techniques leading to greater productivity and economic growth. Of course, faster economic growth means higher family incomes and standards of living. Innovation and manufacturing work hand in hand. An innovation ecosystem has many interrelated elements—entrepreneurs, skilled workers, tax policies, to name a few.

Oklahoma State University applications engineers work for the Manufacturing Alliance to provide on-site, one-on-one, focused engineering assistance and technology transfer services. It’s an effort to increase the competitiveness of small and medium-sized rural Oklahoma manufacturers. OSU’s highly-trained applications engineers can tailor program services to fit the needs of individual companies. Some short-term assistance is provided free of charge. Applications engineers have the expertise to help manufacturers in areas of:

  • Process redesign
  • Equipment design
  • Failure analysis
  • Product testing
  • Product redesign
  • Plant layout
  • Facility design
  • Product development