The Oklahoma Manufacturing Alliance has an exciting new program called Innovation Engineering, which will commercialize unique and cost-effective ideas. Innovation Engineering is a scientific method for accelerating more profitable products, services, customers, markets and processes.  It’s an accessible process for companies to accelerate existing ideas and move to the definition and discovery of new ideas that address important problems and opportunities.

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Innovation Engineering Workshop

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Experience a new way of thinking about innovation

How do you become more relevant and create more customer value? By innovating your products and services and supporting processes. While most companies have systems and training for their quality, payroll, and operational areas, very few have systems to innovate new “wow” products and services.

The Oklahoma Manufacturing Alliance is hosting a one-day introductory workshop on Innovation Engineering. It will be Tuesday, Sept. 20 at TulsaTech. The workshop—tailored to company CEOs and leaders—provides a basic understanding of the Innovation Engineering system for increasing innovation speed & decreasing risk. It will provide a sampling of the basics on how to CREATE, COMMUNICATE & COMMERCIALIZE meaningfully unique ideas.

This workshop will focus on three areas:

CREATE: Here you learn the new mindset that creates a 6x increase in the number of high quality ideas versus classic “brainstorming.” It features a special focus on how to enable active learning from customer insights, marketplace benchmarking, technology and future mining. And, how to leverage a collaboration mindset to create an exponential increase in effectiveness.

COMMUNICATE: Attendees learn the new “outside in” thinking approach that doubles the odds of success by turning sales and marketing into a customer pull system. It also provides a simple way for defining ideas so that everyone in the organization—from front line worker to the CEO—can speak the same language.

COMMERCIALIZE: Once you have created and communicated an idea you will learn how to reduce risk. Instead of attempting to “plan, study and study away risk” you learn the new fail fast, fail cheap approach. It’s a modern and accelerated version of the classic Deming learning cycle of “Plan, Do, Study, Act” applied to innovation.

Benefits of this workshop:

  • Develop better ideas for new products, services, and process improvement
  • Improve your team’s ability to create unique ideas that solve customer and process problems
  • Develop more engaged and creative thinking employees
  • Learn methods of experimenting and testing ideas using the fail fast, fail cheap approach

Who should attend:

  • Company leaders responsible for business growth
  • Business Development, Marketing, Sales, and Product Development leaders
  • Continuous Improvement leaders and employees looking for creative approaches to growth
  • Small Business Owners looking to stay ahead of their competition and charge more for their products and services
  • Middle and upcoming managers
  • Supervisors
  • Trainers

What’s next:

Innovation Engineering Workshop covers the fundamental skills that make up the Innovation Engineering Body of Knowledge. For most companies the next step is either to make a commitment to Innovation Engineering Management system or take a deeper step with an Innovation Engineering Jump Start.

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