Our work bridges the gap between technology developers, R&D organizations, and private firms. Services focus on improving the bottom line through concepts like Six Sigma and Lean Manufacturing, while growing the entire company through new product development, strategic planning and expanded markets. Manufacturing extension agents and applications engineers live and work in communities throughout Oklahoma. They are uniquely trained and offer free assistance to manufacturers, helping the company become progressively more successful.

Services include:

Company-Wide Assessments
A variety of formal assessment tools are available to evaluate a firm’s strengths and weaknesses, including financial analysis and performance benchmarking.

Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma
The Oklahoma Manufacturing Alliance is a leader in the expansion of Lean Manufacturing. Our NIST-certified Lean program dramatically transforms the way manufacturers do business, producing more with existing resources by eliminating non-value added activities. The Lean Manufacturing tools and services are not only proven, they’re flexible. The Oklahoma Manufacturing Alliance works in conjunction with private service providers to offer:

  • Strategic Planning and Evaluation
  • Lean 101 Introductory Courses
  • Value Stream Mapping
  • 5S System
  • Setup Reduction
  • Cellular Flow
  • Total Production Maintenance
  • Pull/Kanban System
  • Kaizen Implementation Projects
  • Reviews and Continuous Improvement

The Oklahoma Manufacturing Alliance coordinates Six Sigma Black Belt and Green Belt training.

Engineering and Techncial Assistance
Oklahoma State University applications engineers work for the Manufacturing Alliance to provide on-site, one-on-one, focused engineering assistance and technology transfer services. It’s an effort to increase the competitiveness of small and medium-sized rural Oklahoma manufacturers. OSU’s highly-trained applications engineers can tailor program services to fit the needs of individual companies. Some short-term assistance is provided free of charge. Applications engineers have the expertise to help manufacturers in areas of:

  • Process redesign
  • Equipment design
  • Failure analysis
  • Product testing
  • Product redesign
  • Plant layout
  • Facility design
  • Product development

Problem-Solving Resources
From marketing efforts to human resources, the Manufacturing Alliance calls on a comprehensive network of private consultants and public service agencies to assist manufacturers. Manufacturing extension agents can work with companies on financial arrangements for capital improvements and business expansions.

Continuous Innovation and Technology Acceleration

Business-to-Business Collaborations
Manufacturing extension agents help connect manufacturers and create a more vibrant economic collaboration. In addition, they coordinate local manufacturing councils, a valuable network that allows companies to talk about common challenges and share ideas.

New Product Development

Export Assistance and New Markets

Supply Chain Efficiencies

Regulatory and Industry Certification Assistance
A variety of support is available including assistance with compliance and industry certifications, like ISO.

Waste Reduction, Energy Efficiency and Sustainability

Digital Marketing

Strategic and Succession Planning




The Oklahoma Manufacturing Alliance works with companies to improve their bottom line through concepts like Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma, while growing the entire business through new products and continuous innovation.