StratTL is a premium service and exclusive program of the Oklahoma Manufacturing Alliance. Working with a few select companies each year, the program looks to elevate certain companies to optimal world-class performance.

Partnering With Your Organization
To Create a Roadmap:

Working with CI Solutions, the Oklahoma Manufacturing Alliance helps the company find it’s “True North” by using a holistic approach to evaluating your organization. Working with top-level management, we look at the entire company to identify all constraints within the business and work on a complete cultural transformation.

Think of the StratTL journey as a highway. The on ramp you use to enter the highway is completely dependent on where your company is in its current journey and its ultimate destination.


  • Utilizes a coaching and mentoring model
  • Defines an organization’s ‘True North”
  • Define all of a company’s constraints across every aspect of its business
  • Can be small advances over time or breakthrough improvements
  • Targets process improvement
  • Helps the company achieve a complete cultural transformation

Even though Lean Manufacturing may be part of the process, StratTL focuses on many other elements like:

  • Workforce
  • Finance
  • Marketing and sales
  • Front office
  • Other areas and business constraints

First Step:

After initially meeting with a manufacturing extension agent, a thorough 3-day assessment of the company is conducted. The assessment is a multifaceted examination of the organization and its current state. It identifies business constraints and identifies processes to be improved that will help the company meet its full potential. This propriety and tested process that has proven effective with numerous manufacturers.

Next Steps:

With data in hand, we work with the organization to create a path forward. This typically includes strategy work to define the TruNorth Alignment and Vital Few. It also includes value stream analysis to identify constraints and the targeted improvements necessary to realize the future state. We serve as a partner/mentor, digging deeper and bringing in resources—other service providers—to close the gaps and achieve the optimal future state as efficiently as possible.

TruNorth Alignment helps your organization:

  • Clearly articulate their vision and mission
  • Take this mission and build the long and short-term breakthrough objectives
  • Establish a vision for the future and develop a list of prioritized improvements
  • Measure progress, focuses on the root cause of constraints to more efficiently change the business culture
  • Analyze critical value streams, deploying targeted continuous improvements across all business areas
  • Provides crystal clear organizational alignment at all levels

Your manufacturing extension agent will be there every step of the way as a coach and mentor. The process usually takes about one week per month for six to 12 months. Although some organizations may take longer than others, StratTL is designed to help leadership understand the solutions and for the coaching to eventually be unnecessary.


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More information:

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