Supplier Scouting

Looking for a hard-to-find part? Need a source closer to your site?

Through its local, state, regional and national networks, the Oklahoma Manufacturing Alliance can now help manufacturers fill gaps in their supply chains. Supplier Scouting connects manufacturers to other manufacturers that can provide the materials, products or processes needed for efficient production. Supplier Scouting can identify local connections or take the search to our national network for hard-to-find resources.

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If you need assistance in sourcing a product or process, simply reach out to your local manufacturing extension agent. The MEA will submit your request to our unique and comprehensive networks. Once possible matches are identified, you will
receive a report with details of those companies, which includes contact information. From there you can vet the resource to ensure appropriateness.

Additionally, manufacturers can request that searches be done at a state or national level. It’s a way to ensure support for American-made and Oklahoma-made.

On the other end, MEAs will engage this program and contact Oklahoma Manufacturers to register capabilities. State manufacturers can then be matched to submitted opportunities, both locally and nationally. If the company believes it can
fulfill a request, business information will be included in a report given to the requesting organization.


  • Fill difficult gaps in manufacturing supply chains
  • Connect capabilities of Oklahoma firms to other local and national manufacturers
  • Promote “Buying American” and “Made In America”


For more information on the program, email