Advanced Manufacturing Center

The Oklahoma Manufacturing Alliance (OMA) is launching an Advanced Manufacturing Center at the Tulsa Port of Catoosa to help small- and medium-sized companies learn about and adopt new technologies.

The 1,375-square-foot demonstration lab is designed to showcase cutting-edge technologies and process improvements while helping manufacturers engage a more capable workforce. Demonstrations will center around applications involving collaborative robots, welding and industrial robots, 3D printing, dimensional measurement and other high-tech automated systems.

OMA’s Technical Services Group, made up of manufacturing specialists and applications engineers with expertise in integrating advanced production technologies, will oversee the center.

A key factor behind the center’s creation was the desire to give manufacturers access to advanced technology that is economical to adopt in their shops, said OMA President Dave Rowland.

“A wide range of advanced technologies are changing the face of modern manufacturing and creating new opportunities for companies in Oklahoma,” said Rowland. “Emerging technologies are driving modern manufacturing by lowering production costs, increasing productivity and quality while boosting the creation of new innovative products. Integration of automation, especially among rural and smaller firms, is essential to keeping Oklahoma manufacturers competitive.”

The Oklahoma Manufacturing Alliance utilized funds made available through Rogers County to create the Advanced Manufacturing Center and help position the area as a hub for high-tech manufacturing. Tulsa Ports is supporting the initiative and assisted in adapting the demonstration space.

The center is open by appointment. To schedule a visit, CLICK HERE.