US Supplier Sourcing Challenge

Are You a Large Manufacturer Looking For a Hard-to-Find Supplier?
If Connex Marketplace Can’t Find Them, Your National Subscription is Free!*

In celebration of U.S. Manufacturing Day on Oct. 7, the national Connex Marketplace is offering a promotional challenge to all manufacturers who are searching for hard-to-find U.S. suppliers. For new national subscribers that sign up for Connex Marketplace and post their supplier needs, you will receive customized matchmaking support. If they can’t find you a qualified U.S. supplier in the marketplace within the first 30 days, you’ll get a free year subscription* to the national marketplace while they continue to search for you.


While Connex Oklahoma  is always free, signing up for the national Connex Marketplace provides access to the entire database of U.S. manufacturers to increase business opportunities and find new suppliers.

DEADLINE is Friday, Oct. 7

For more information on Connex Oklahoma or this national offer, drop us a note at