Career Pathways

Our interactive manufacturing career pathways tool documents the progression of skills, competencies, and education/training between key manufacturing occupations. Our goal is to visualize the interconnected pathways of multiple occupations and to illustrate the necessary education/training and competencies required at each level.

Click here to explore our CAREER PATHWAYS tool

The pathways can be used in three ways:

  1. By individuals wanting to pursue or further their career in manufacturing, envisioning a career with advancement opportunities in manufacturing.
  2. Oklahoma manufacturers can utilize these pathways as a tool to attract potential employees to their company and as a career progression model, utilizing these progressions in concert with their own advancement strategies.
  3. Workforce and education partners can use them as a career planning and progression tool.

These pathways were developed with extensive feedback from Manufacturing Alliance’s Workforce Committee, which represents a diverse group of manufacturers from around the state. Development included input from all manufacturers in the state, as well as regional workforce, education, and economic development partners. We recognize the career pathways shown on this site can be adapted for different sized companies. Our list of education providers will be updated every six months to reflect new education programs across the state.

Click here to explore our CAREER PATHWAYS tool